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       Desay Automation Technology Co., Ltd belongs to Desay Coproration. In accordance with Desay Corporation’s vision “To provide excellent services for technology-driven life”, our company focus on the advanced equipment for optical elements, new energy battery products, automotive products and mobiles communication products as our core business and machine vision technology, robot application and automatic standard part as ancillary business relying on Desay’s strong financial strength and excellent talent reservation. Our aim is to build up a base of industrial robots and big data and a synergetic platform of whole value chain to accelerate progress of intelligent equipment application and implement “Made in China 2025” strategy.


       By now, our company has set up R&D base in HuiZhou,  business and service centre in east China.In the next decade, our company will propel the innovation in technology and management to create core technological and service competitiveness and become an enterprise with international influence and good responsibility to customers, employees, shareholders and society.

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